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Our aluminium windows and doors are built using architectural-grade materials for weather and wear resistance. However, they do require some maintenance to keep them looking great and functioning well. Follow these simple care instructions for best results:

  • Regularly vacuum window and door sills.
  • Regularly check drainage holes locks and rollers to ensure they are clean and functioning properly.
  • Use a graphite powder to lubricate locking and roller systems; avoid using liquid or aerosol lubricants as they may corrode the locking mechanism.
  • Adjust locks and rollers regularly to ensure they are in the right position and functioning properly.
How do I clean my aluminium window frames?

To clean your aluminium window frames, simply use warm water, a mild detergent and scrub the surface with a soft bristled brush. Once clean, use clean water to wash off any excess soap. Avoid using a hard-wire brush or abrasive cleaners as they may scratch the surface of the aluminium.

How do I clean window and door glass?

To clean your window glass, simply spray a glass cleaner generously over the surface area, then scrub with a clean, lint free towel or cloth. Wipe the surface with another dry, lint free cloth or towel, stopping when it’s almost dry and a consistent damp film is left on the glass. Leave this to evaporate and your glass will dry without streak marks.

Viridian Glass recommends cleaning with one of the following products:

  • Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner; or
  • A mixture of one part vinegar and ten parts water

To clean off any spots from your glass, apply a small amount of solvent such as Acetone to the glass. Rub using a clean, wet cloth until the spot has disappeared. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a solvent.

For more instructions on cleaning your Viridian Glass, you can download the Viridian SmartGlass Cleaning and Maintenance Guide.

How often should I clean my aluminium windows?

Our architectural-grade aluminium frames are corrosion and rust resistant; making them perfect for your coastal property Recommended maintenance periods will vary depending on your location. Find our basic guide below:
Mild Environment: clean every six months

Rural environments far away from the coast, urban activity and industrial industry are classified as mild environments because the damage from sea spray, pollution and industrial dirt are minimal. It is recommended that you clean your window and door frames every six months.
Moderate Environment: clean every three months
A moderate environment is usually suburban or urban, inland and far away from heavy industry. It is recommended that you clean your window and door frames every three months.
Tropical/Severe Environment: clean every month
In coastal environments, subject to salt spray and within 15 kilometres of the coast, we recommend that you clean your aluminium frames monthly to prevent any damage or accelerated wear.

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