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Modern, functional sliding windows

Aluminium sliding windows are one of the most popular window products on the market for good reason. Their simple, intuitive design, allowing for maximum light and air flow, is a winner for commercial and residential clients. Whether you're a homeowner replacing windows in your house, a strata manager refitting the entire apartment block, or a business owner or developer searching for windows for a commercial space, sliding windows are an obvious, and popular, choice.

At Southside Aluminium Windows, we use high quality Vantage® and Elevate™ window systems. Working with the best quality suppliers in Australia, we are providing you with windows that we believe in.

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Commercial Sliding Windows

Are sliding windows the perfect solution for your commercial property, allowing ventilation and natural light? Using quality, durable window framing systems from the AWS Elevate™ range, we provide modern, functional aluminium sliding windows. Whether you're fitting out an apartment block, an office building, or replacing windows in a smaller space, we have the size and shape to suit.

Elevate™ frames are easy to use and fit seamlessly within your space. You have the choice between 102mm and 150mm framing, catering for versatile, robust commercial designs. The Elevate™ window frames are all tested to ensure their quality. This includes wind and water penetration testing, WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) certification, and acoustic rating to rate their ability to block out noise. This is especially important in commercial spaces and dense apartment living.

452 Commercial Sliding Window
461 Sliding Window
462 Architectural Sliding Window (Double Sash)
662 Architectural Sliding Window (150mm)
701 SlideMASTER Sliding Window

Residential Sliding Windows

Vantage® sliding windows are a true modern classic, and one that will fit into your home perfectly. With residential

Using technology and form more common in commercial windows, Vantage® sliding window systems offer the highest quality product at a price affordable and accessible to home renovators and owner-builders.

Southside Aluminium Windows supplies Vantage® window systems because of their unrivalled durability, modern look and feel, and superior performance. We want your windows to not only fit in with the look and feel of your home, but to be as energy efficient and secure as possible. Vantage® sliding windows employ a modern look with minimalist lines, and a smooth tracking system that is engineered with you, the end customer, in mind. Our residential sliding windows can be fitted with a range of glass styles and thicknesses, including single, double and thermal glazing, as well as tinting and frosting, for suitability across all rooms in your home.

504 Residential Sliding Window
531 SoundOUT Secondary Glazed Sliding Window
601 MAGNUM Sliding Window (Beaded Fixed Light)
602 MAGNUM Sliding Window (Double Sash)

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