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INVISI-GARD security screens provide the safest, most attractive window protection systems available in Australia. Using a strong 316 Marine Grade stainless steel mesh, fixed inside an extruded aluminium perimeter frame, these security screens are a much more attractive solution than conventional security grills. These stylish security screens can be custom manufactured to fit many styles and shapes of windows, and of course, fit all of our Southside Aluminium Windows aluminium frames. Ensuring durability, the 316 Marine Grade mesh used on our security screens outperforms all other stainless steel security products when it comes to corrosion resistance.



We also supply KidScreen, a unique security screen design specifically for homes and buildings where children can open windows. These insect and security screens, which are popular in child care centres, schools, apartment buildings and residential homes, allow children to see outside without compromising on the strength and security of the screen. Using a reinforced polyester mesh or marine grade mesh like INVISI-GARD, KidScreen security screens have been certified to the Australian Window Association Industry Code of Practice, exceeding the required minimum force of 25 kilograms. This makes KidScreen the safest, most reliable security screen for use with children. KidScreen security screens are made to measure, so they fit with your aluminium window frame perfectly, ensuring your children are in the safest environment possible.

At Southside Aluminium Windows, we want your residential or commercial project to look and feel as beautiful as possible, which is why we only supply and install the best security screen products on the market - INVISI-GARD and KidScreen.

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INVISI-GARD security doors are also on our list of products. We supply and supply and install stylish, reliable security doors that match your aluminium glass doors in style and finish.


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If you require a unique window or door fitting and are looking for the best aluminium windows and doors specialist in Sydney, you have come to the right place. We provide custom made aluminium and glass windows and doors, built in our Sydney factory. Looking for a question answered? Visit our FAQS page.

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Whether you're developing an entire office building or apartment complex and need a range of windows and doors, or you might be renovating your suburban home, we have an aluminium window and door solution to suit. We can supply and install, or supply only, a range of the best aluminium windows and doors designs by leading provider, ALSPEC. Fitted out with quality Viridian Glass, we also provide frameless entryways, glass paneling, mirrors and shower screens.


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