Internal Partitioning

Sleek Internal Glass Partitioning

Glass partitioning solutions are becoming more and more in demand as office building designers move towards open plan, modern and light filled design principles. Glass partitioning provides a seamless barrier between rooms in a range of commercial spaces including retail spaces in shopping centres, medical centres and hospitality premises between kitchens and eating areas.

We provide the highest standard glass produced by Viridian, Australia's leading glass manufacturer. Glass is available in varying thickness for the efficient sound and climate control barriers to suit your requirements. Using the dynamic aluminium framing systems from the AWS Elevate™ family of window and door framing systems, we have glass partitioning designs that seamlessly fit in with the style of your space. Our styles can match plasterboard walls or steel framing, and come in a range of designs including thick visible frames as well as continuous glass walls. Ensuring your privacy and layout requirements are met, we can also fit your glass partitioning with a range of treatments such as tinting and patterning to cover sections or entire panels of glass.

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