Fixed Windows

Modern Fixed Aluminium Windows

Fixed windows are an ever increasing design feature for commercial buildings and residential homes. Office buildings are filled with fixed glass windows that allow light in without interrupting climate control systems with opening window frames. At Southside Aluminium Windows, we can supply and supply and install a range of fixed windows in standard sizes as well as custom built solutions to suit your space. We provide fixed aluminium frame windows as well as frameless windows.

We use Elevate™ and Vantage® windows and doors from leading Australian aluminium window systems supplier AWS, to build the strongest and highest quality aluminium frames in a range of styles. We combine the best aluminium window frames with Viridian glass, one of Australia's most trusted glass providers. Depending on your climate and needs, we can fit your frame with single glazing, double glazing or thermal glazing, all which sit flush within your frame for a seamless look and feel. We can also add a range of glass treatments to your windows such as glass tinting and glass frosting, which provide privacy and climate control to limit harsh sunlight on your most exposed, northern windows.

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Commercial Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are always the most popular option in office buildings for aiding climate control, while allowing for uninterrupted views and natural light. But they're also frequently used in retail and hospitality spaces, car dealers, and even residential homes. Elevate™ commercial framing systems are available in a range of thicknesses and styles, for a slim design or robust style depending on your space. Glass shopfronts and street level windows can be fitted with an anti-graffiti film, ensuring your commercial space remains clean and professional looking.

Residential Fixed Windows

Do you dream of having one large, single pane glass window in your home from where you can watch the world go by? You're in the right place, because at Southside Aluminium Windows we supply commercial standard fixed glass windows that can be fitted to suit your space. Using the best AWS Vantage™ and Elevate™ fixed aluminium window frames with a frame to suit the space you are designing. Are you concerned that having a large wall of glass might allow too much heat to escape from your home? Our trusty Viridian glass comes in a range of thickness and glazing standards, from single and double to thermal glazing, meaning you won't compromise on climate control, no matter the size of your fixed window.


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Are you looking for a custom fixed window to fill that huge wall in your living room or bedroom? At Southside Aluminium Windows we're experts in custom design, creating custom made aluminium window and door frames fitted with Viridian glass. We can create the perfect window for your space. Looking for a question answered? Visit our FAQS page.

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Are you building a new home, or refitting an entire building that requires different window and door designs and sizes? Then you've come to the right place, because at Southside Aluminium Windows, we supply and install, or supply only, a large range of aluminium window and door designs as well as frameless glass doors, shower screens, mirrors and paneling.


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