Double Hung Windows

Modern Aluminium Double Hung Windows

Aluminium glass double hung windows are definitely a trend-setting window style, popular in both residential and commercial buildings. Their generally taller design allows for views to the outside, while allowing light to filter in. They are an ideal option for spaces in a range of sizes; narrow and wide. Providing flexible ventilation options, these windows are the chosen solution for renovators looking to open up their existing home, and for developers building apartment blocks as well as commercial office buildings.

The AWS Elevate™ aluminium double hung window frames we use for our commercial projects are built to the highest standard for durability and flexibility. We use Vantage® double-hung framing systems for residential projects, which come with a range of design options and colours.

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Commercial Double Hung Windows

The ideal window frame for retail and office spaces, our classic aluminium double hung windows offer flexible ventilation options without compromising on natural light. We use quality Elevate™ aluminium frames, available in a variety of widths, catering to both slimline and robust commercial designs depending on your needs.

At Southside Aluminium Windows, we want to provide the perfect windows and doors to suit your space. That's why we use Viridian Glass for single, double and thermal glazing, fitting double hung windows with tinting or frosting for privacy. Specially designed for commercial customers, we also have an anti-graffiti film that can be applied to your commercial aluminum windows in exposed places.

453 Commercial Double Hung Window
463 Architectural Double Hung Window
464 ClearVENT Sashless Double Hung Window

Residential Double Hung Windows

Aluminium glass double hung windows have long been a favourite for residential homes, thanks to their tall design and flexible airflow options. Ideal for letting light and air in, without compromising on views outside, these windows are ideal for spaces of all sizes. Our commercial grade Elevate™ frames come in a variety of designs, in lockable or non lockable options, fitted with single glazing, double glazing or thermal glazing. They can all be fitted with KidScreen security screens for your safety.

514 Residential Double Hung Window
613 MAGNUM Double Hung Window
614 ClearVENT Sashless Double Hung Window

residential double hung windows

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