Casement Windows

Classic aluminium casement windows

Thanks to the immense popularity of the style in the last century, casement windows are a classic style seen all around Australia; from commercial buildings and residential homes to apartment blocks everywhere. Their aesthetic appeal, as well as their simple functionality, prove casement windows continue to be one of the most popular styles available on the market today. If you're looking to replace old, rotting timber casement windows with something a little fresher, our aluminium casement window frames slot easily into the existing position and provide a modern facelift without ruining the character of your facade.

At Southside Aluminium Windows, we supply the highest standard aluminium casement windows, using AWS Elevate™ for commercial projects, and Vantage® for residential windows and doors. The quality aluminium frames come in a range of colours and sizes to suit your space. If we don't have exactly what you need, we can produce custom built aluminium windows and doors in our Sydney factory.

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Commercial Casement Windows

Building managers and developers are increasingly choosing aluminium casement windows as an option to create a facade with a classic look that won't compromise on modern function and design. Aluminium window frames are an ideal alternative to timber casement frames because of their low maintenance, sleek design and security.

Our aluminium casement windows, from the AWS Vantage® and Elevate™ ranges, and have both internal and external overlapping seals to ensure protection against the weather without compromising on air flow. At Southside Aluminium Windows, we use the highest quality Viridian Glass in our casement windows. We offer single glazing, double glazing and thermal glazing, so you can choose the glass that best suits your needs.

456 Commercial Awning Window
466 Architectural Awning/Casement Window
467 Architectural Awning/Casement Window w/ Truth
468 Architectural Awning/Casement Window w/ Truth (100mm)
668 Architectural Awning/Casement Window w/ Truth (150mm)

Residential Casement Windows

The classic casement window has long been a favourite in suburban homes and residential apartment blocks, allowing you to open up your home to the sunshine and fresh air. Many existing homes and apartment buildings around Sydney are fitted with ageing timber casement windows. Whether you're a home owner or strata manager looking to replace these rotting, high maintenance windows with something more practical, or you're building a new home and want windows with a classic look, aluminium casement windows are the answer you're looking for.

At Southside Aluminium Windows, we use aluminium casement windows from the AWS Vantage® and Elevate™ framing systems. These classic aluminium window frames are made-to-measure so you can feel safe in selecting the design that best fits in with your project style. The aluminium frames are fitted with overlapping internal and external seals for weather protection. For your safety and security, we can fit all our aluminium windows and doors with Invisigard and KidScreen security screens.

516 Awning/Casement Window (50mm)
517 Awning/Casement Window (102mm)
532 SoundOUT Casement Window
616 MAGNUM Awning/Casement Window
616TR Magnum Awning/Casement Window w/Truth
726 Thermally Broken Awning/Casement Window
726TR Thermally Broken Awning/Casement Window

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Do you have a unique space that our ready-made window frames won't fit perfectly into? Don't sweat it, at Southside Aluminium Windows, we specialise in custom built aluminium window and door solutions. Let us know what you need and we'll create it in our Sydney factory. Looking for a question answered? Visit our FAQS page.

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