Showers and Balustrades


Shower Screen Glass

Frameless shower screens are a simple, cost effective way to create a modern and light style to your bathroom. At Southside Aluminium Windows, we specialise in providing high quality, durable glass by Viridian in the form of frameless shower screens. Frameless screens are not only a fantastic design feature, they are also easy to clean and maintain, without any cracks or grooves for dirt and mould to build up. We supply glass shower screens in a range of glass thicknesses, ensuring we have a solution to meet your design and durability requirements.

Mirror Glass

A mirror is more than a reflective surface. A mirror can be an architectural statement to make a small room seem much larger than it is, or a form of added light by bouncing it into a space. At Southside Aluminium Windows, we want to help you create spaces that you'll love, whether inside a residential home, or within a large commercial space. Using quality Viridian Glass, we supply and install frameless, tough glass mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms, on cupboards, kitchens and in commercial spaces such as retail stores, dance and yoga studios.


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Balustrade Glass

Glass is not just found in windows alone; modern glass is now a tough, versatile material that can be used throughout the buildings space. Whether internal partitioning and glass walls, or as glass panelling like fencing and balustrades, glass can be used as an architectural feature that allows light and space throughout. Glass balustrades on staircases and landings can create a physical separation without visually cutting off different areas of the building. Glass panelling on balconies and pool fences provides safe, durable barriers without compromising on views. We use Viridian Glass, which comes in a range of styles and thicknesses, ensuring all of your strength, durability and design requirements are met. Make the change to sleek internal glass balustrades and panelling for a light, spacious and modern feel you'll love.

Can't find what you're after?

If frameless glass shower screens, mirrors or balustrades are not the product you're looking for, we might be able to help somewhere else. Southside Aluminium Windows supplies a range of aluminium and frameless glass doors and aluminium windows. We also specialise in creating custom-built solutions in our Sydney factory, which means we'll always find the perfect solution for your project. Looking for a question answered? Visit our FAQS page.


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