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Effective Thermal Glazing


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Thermal glazing might not be the first glazing solution you consider living in mild, coastal Sydney. But it is certainly worth considering.

Why thermal glazing?

Whenever there is a difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of your home or building, there is what is called heat flow. Temperatures vary greatly from day to night, so with modern, energy efficient glass, we aim to smooth out these highs and lows. By slowing the rate that heat enters and escapes from the building, we can more easily control the comfort level. In cool weather valuable heat generated inside escapes through glass windows, meaning your heating systems use more energy, costing you more in power bills. In warmer months, air conditioning works harder to expel the heat flowing inside through the glass. For more product information visit our FAQS page.


Thermal glass combats this more effectively than any other glass type. We use a product called Smart glass by Viridian, Australia's most trusted glass supplier. The smart glass has a transparent coating, which stops heat from radiating through, reflecting it back into your home, or to the outside, depending where is hotter at the time, ie. in summer or winter. Using thermal glass as a single glazing unit is a cost effective, energy efficient alternative to double glazing. It offers up to 39% better insulation than standard single glazing. Alternatively, using thermal glass in double glazing greatly improves its efficiency, offering up to 68% better insulation than standard glass. This makes thermal glass the most effective glazing option in both hot and cold climates, perfect all year around.

  • 39% better insulation than standard single glazing
  • In double glazing, up to 68% better insulation than standard glass


Can we Thermal Glaze your existing windows?

Yes, we can. Double glazing existing windows is one way homeowners and building managers try to improve their energy efficiency and slash energy bills. While it is possible to add double glazing to some existing window and door frames, many older style casement, awning and double hung style windows are made for one single flush pane of glass. In this instance we replace the existing frame with an aluminium frame in the same style, complete with the thermal glazing. This means we do not have to alter the look of the exterior or interior of the building with unsightly double glazed additions.

Is this the glazing option best suited to you?

If thermal glazing isn't the most suitable glazing option for your building project, there are other options that might be a better fit. Depending on your climate, the orientation of your building, and exposure to the elements, your project might be better suited to standard single glazing or double glazing. Available in a varying glass thickness, our single glazing ranges from 4mm to 10.5mm and double glazing can be up to 24mm thick. No matter what your needs are, we have the perfect glazing solution for you.


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Other glass products you might need

Have you considered all of your glass requirements? Now that you've got your energy efficiency and climate control sorted with thermal glazing, you need to consider privacy and security. At Southside Aluminium Windows we can fit your glass with tinting, frosting or patterning for added privacy; and even anti-graffiti glass film for exposed windows and doors.

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Can't find what you're after?

If you're managing a unique building project, whether its commercial or residential, finding the right windows and doors to fit can be a challenge. At Southside Aluminium Windows we understand this, and can provide unique custom made aluminium frames fitted with our first class Viridian Glass.

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Do you need window or door frames too?

Whether you're refitting a commercial or apartment building, a home, or building a new project from scratch, it's likely you're looking for more than one window or door. Southside Aluminium Windows can help you with your entire project; supply and install, or supply only the best aluminium windows and doors available on the market. Get started with your project today. Download our Complete Windows and Doors Design Guide here.

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