Glass Treatments

Glass Treatments For Added Privacy And Security

Protecting your home or business from unwanted attention doesn't have to be difficult. With Southside Aluminium Windows, when you choose your aluminium window and door designs, you can also invest in glass treatments that can be added onto the glass seamlessly. We offer tinted glass, frosted glass and patterns for privacy, as well as anti-graffiti film that can be applied to windows and doors exposed to the street, such as shop fronts. Fore more information, visit our FAQS page.


Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is a popular addition to windows that are located in direct sunlight, facing north, east or west, as well as glass that faces directly onto busy pedestrian and traffic streets. Adding privacy to your home or business space, tinted glass also protects from the harsh rays of the sun by diffusing glare and limiting heat and light entering inside. This is particularly effective for buildings with large north facing windows and buildings in exposed, warm locations.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass works similarly to tinted glass in that is can be added directly to your existing windows as a treatment. We also supply and install or supply only, pre-frosted glass. Frosted glass is a popular solution when privacy is a concern, and similar to tinted glass, can also be used to diffuse sunlight. Frosted glass has long been added to our wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries, however it can also be added to living areas and commercial office spaces with large windows exposed to the street or harsh sunlight. Frosted glass is also a popular solution in office spaces to provide privacy for meeting rooms. Our internal partitioning systems can be fitted with frosted glass, or glass patterning, which creates a more interesting visual addition.


Anti-graffiti film

Anti-graffiti glass film is a smart, cost effective solution for retail shop fronts, other street facing commercial windows, or exposed residential windows. Added to the outside of the glass in an invisible layer, the film protects your glass from retaining unsightly graffiti. This means you can avoid costly cleaning bills when unwanted artwork is added to your windows, as well as retaining the professional, clean look of your business or home. Anti-graffiti film helps you to be proactive not reactive in protecting your business or home.

Are you looking for glazing?

While you might need glass treatments for privacy and security, you may also be looking for glazing options for your aluminium doors and windows. At Southside Aluminium Windows we provide a variety of solutions to best suit your climate, acoustic protection needs and budget. We offer single and double glazing as well as thermal glass, which can be used in both single and double glazing.


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Can't find what you're after?

What if you can't find exactly what you need in our product range? Not to worry, as we also supply custom made windows, doors and glass solutions. Producing custom build solutions in our Sydney factory, we make sure you get the exact product to suit your needs.

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Whether you're refitting your entire home or apartment building with windows, or constructing a new commercial development place from scratch, we have a range of aluminium windows and doors designs, security screens and doors, as well as shower screens, mirrors and glass panelling for your balcony, pool fence and indoor safety rails. We have the complete product range for your project. Get started with your project today. Download our Complete Windows and Doors Design Guide here.


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