Double Glazing

How does double glazing work?


Can we double glaze your existing windows?

Double glazing existing windows is one of the most common requests we receive. While many existing aluminium and timber windows and doors can be double glazed, it is important we assess your property first. Some older style casement and awning windows, for example, are designed to have only a single flush pane of glass, meaning double glazing is not possible on the existing frames. In these cases, we have a simple solution of replacing the entire window frame with a new aluminium frame, fitted with the double glazing option you desire. This is an efficient, cost effective, and most importantly, more aesthetic option that does not change the look of your building from the inside or out.

What other glazing options are there?

At Southside Aluminium Windows we believe in finding the perfect glazing solution that best suits your climate, acoustic and budget requirements. Supplying and fitting Viridian Glass, Australia's leading glass producer, we know we have the most energy efficient, durable windows and doors available on the market. If double glazing isn't the right fit for your project, we also provide single glazing and thermal glazing of varying thickness. Whatever your climate, acoustic and energy efficiency requirements, we have the perfect glazing solution for you. For more questions answered, visit our FAQS page.


Why is energy efficiency important?


Other glass products you might need

You might have decided on the glazing option that best suits your needs; but you may not have considered all of your glass requirements. Whether you're managing a commercial or residential project, there are privacy and security requirements to consider. We have glass treatments including glass tinting, glass frosting, and patterning for privacy and aesthetic preferences, as well as anti-graffiti for glass exposed to public areas.

Can't find what you're after?

Whether you're fitting out a space with a unique shape or orientation, or perhaps you've got a larger than life commercial space, and need an equally unique glass solution. That's where Southside Aluminium Windows comes in; we have been supplying custom made aluminium window and door solutions to the Sydney region for many years. We can create the perfect solution for your unique space.


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Do you need window frames or door frames too?

You may be fitting out a commercial or residential development, or replacing the glass in your home or retail space; whatever you're looking for we have what you need. Our extensive range of aluminium windows and doors, and frameless entryways, shower screens, balustrades and mirrors, is everything you need for your building project. Get started with your project today. Download our Complete Windows and Doors Design Guide here.

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