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Smooth Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors are one of our most popular products in Sydney for good reason. We supply stylish, modern sliding doors that are durable, reliable and energy efficient. Whether you're looking for a quality sliding glass door for a commercial shop space, or a sleek sliding door to move between your indoor and outdoor entertaining areas at home, our products are sure to impress.

For commercial projects, we use renowned AWS Elevate™ range of aluminium frames, while for residential projects we also use the AWS Vantage® framing systems. We carefully select the frame that suits your exact requirements. We fit our aluminium sliding door frames with durable, reliable Viridian Glass, which comes in a range of glazing thicknesses to suit your climate and security needs. Wherever your sliding glass door is situated, we have a solution that best fits into your space and protects you and your home or commercial building against the elements.

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Commercial Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are ideal in most spaces, for traffic flow, air flow and a modern, natural design.

Our commercial aluminium sliding glass doors are a versatile product, suitable across various commercial spaces. We use quality Viridian Glass, which is available in single, double and thermal glazing of varying thickness; matched to your climate, security needs and chosen to best suit your door's level of exposure to the elements.

The AWS Elevate™ range of aluminium frames are some of the most durable, innovative products available on the market today. You can choose frames of varying thickness and style to best match your design palette. All of our aluminium sliding glass doors are built with hidden guttering and drainage systems, making them even more waterproof than standard windows and doors. Our sliding glass doors work on modern track systems, avoiding unsightly exposed tracks found on competitor products - with a quality run that's as smooth as silk.

471 Apartment Sliding Door
642 Commercial Stacking Sliding Door (150mm)
702 SlideMASTER Sliding Door (External Sliding)
704 SlideMASTER Sliding Door (Internal Sliding)
852 Thermally Broken Sliding Door

Residential Sliding Doors

Sliding glass aluminium doors are the most popular door in living rooms around the country, and have been for decades. The ALSPEC designed Carinya framing systems we use are specially produced with residential designs in mind, while keeping the standard to a commercial level. The frames are flexible, durable and stylish; while the glass can be strengthened for extra security and protection from the elements.

We use Viridian Glass, and can fit single glazing, double glazing and thermal glazing to your sliding doors, ranging from 4mm to 18mm in thickness. This means you can achieve energy efficiency with one flush pane of glass, rather than requiring unsightly glazing add-ons like many of our competitors. The commercial grade aluminium door frames we use meet all of the efficiency, water and air penetration standards. We build them with hidden drainage systems and modern track systems for flawless performance.

533 SoundOUT Sliding Door
541 Residential Sliding Door
542 Residential Stacking Sliding Door
618 MAGNUM Sliding Door
731 Thermally Broken Sliding Door
442 Commercial Sliding Door


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