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Aluminium Hinged Doors Sydney

Hinged doors are by far the most common door we see in both residential homes and commercial buildings, new and old. Our aluminium hinged doors from the AWS Vantage® and Elevate™ ranges incorporate innovative new technology with durable aluminium framing and Viridian glass for the best quality aluminium hinged door on the market. Whether you're installing a hinged glass door into a retail shop front, commercial building, the entrance to an apartment block, or doors in a residential home, our aluminium glass hinged doors are sure to suit your needs.

We use Elevate™ aluminium frames for commercial and architectural clients and Vantage® framing systems in residential projects. These frames are second to none in flexibility, durability and design, exceeding all air and water penetration standards. We fit our doors with Viridian glass, Australia's leading glass manufacturer. Available in a variety of glazing options and with treatments such as glass frosting and tinting, Viridian glass is matched to meet your climate, acoustic and style requirements.

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Commercial Hinged Doors

Commercial aluminium hinged doors are one of the most versatile products available in our range. We supply AWS Elevate™ aluminium hinged doors that are available in a variety of specifications, from cost effective utility doors, to french entry doors and all the way to thermally broken and double glazed hinged doors for maximum energy performance. Our hinged doors are secure and durable, with¬†a stylish, sleek appearance.

Commonly used in street-facing retail stores, industrial shop fronts, large showrooms and entryways into commercial buildings, shopping centres and apartment blocks, our aluminium hinged doors are designed for maximum security without compromising on design. Viridian Glass is fitted snugly into the frame, and is available in single, double and thermal glazing. We can also fit your glass panels with a range of treatments for security and privacy, including glass tinting, glass frosting or patterning, and even anti-graffiti film for street-facing glass doors.

50 Commercial Door (Single Side Beaded)
51 Light Commercial Door
52 Commercial Door (Double Side Beaded)650 Architectural Hinged Door
852 Thermally Broken Hinged Door

Residential Hinged Doors

Our aluminium hinged glass doors have been designed with residential form and function in mind, but to¬†commercial strength standards. AWS Vantage® residential doors exceed air and water penetration testing, and are the most durable, secure hinged glass doors available in the residential market. Glass thickness ranges from 4mm to 10.5mm in single glazing, and up to 24mm in double glazing. For a cooler climate, and the exposure of your hinged door to the elements, we also have thermal glazing available. What's more, no matter the glass style and thickness you choose, our aluminium door frames are designed to fit the glass flush within the frame, avoiding any unsightly add-ons required by our competitors.

Our aluminium hinged doors come in a range of framing sizes and thicknesses, to allow for quality locking systems for the perfect solution to a range of spaces and budgets. We are also able to fit your door with frosted, patterned or tinted glass, dependant on your design and security preferences.

548 High Performance Hinged Door
549 Residential Hinged Door
729 Thermally Broken Hinged Door

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Whether you're refitting an entire apartment block or residential home, or managing a new commercial development, chances are you're looking for various aluminium windows and doors designs. At Southside Aluminium Windows, we have a wide range of quality aluminium frames and viridian glass for you to choose from. We also supply a variety of internal glass solutions, including frameless shower screens, mirrors, glass paneling and balustrades.


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