Bi-fold Doors

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Innovative, durable and reliable aluminium bi-fold doors can create the perfect solution to seamlessly combine the indoors with the outdoors for use in entertaining areas within a residential home or commercial space. Whether you need us to supply or supply and install, we provide the best aluminium bi-fold doors available on the market. Using some of the best aluminium systems available from the AWS Vantage® and Elevate™ ranges, our bi-fold door frames are stylish and work to meet all air and water penetration standards.

Designed with large floor-to-ceiling systems in mind, our aluminium bi-fold doors are fitted with Viridian Glass, Australia's leading glass provider. According to your security, acoustic, climate and aesthetic needs, we can fit your doors with single, double or thermal glazing. Our aluminium bi-fold glass doors are the most versatile product we have for the ultimate living luxury. In fine weather, pull them open to create a large single-living space, and in poorer weather conditions, secure them shut for sturdy and impenetrable walls.

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Commercial bi-fold doors

Commercial Bi-Fold Doors

Our commercial aluminium bi-fold doors are designed with form and function in mind. AWS Elevate™ frames are built with full sized commercial perimeter framing and specially designed commercial door stiles for smooth, trouble free function. We offer both top-hung and bottom-rolling bi-fold door systems to easily fit-in with your commercial floor layout. Leverage doors that don't interrupt your existing space, whether that means cafe tables and chairs, retail racks, or other commercial equipment.

Ensuring your bi-fold glass doors are as secure and safe as possible, we build durable, bold framed bi-fold doors that seal tight to ensure wind, rain and cold air are sealed outside. For the warmer months, our aluminium bi-fold door range can also be integrated with an innovative screening system, designed to fit into the slots of the existing bi-fold doors, and provide a secure insect screen that allows natural airflow with the doors wide open.

410 FoldMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)
411 ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Top Hung)
412 ViewMASTER Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)
831 Thermally Broken E3 Bi-fold Door (Top Hung)
832 Thermally Broken F3 Bi-fold Door (Bottom Rolling)

Residential Bi-Fold Doors

Our residential aluminium bi-fold door system is designed to turn your alfresco entertaining area into a seamless extension of your home. We are official suppliers of the AWS Vantage® framing systems, high performance with designer style. The aluminium bi-fold door frames use a flat sill provision, flush in the floor, for smooth operation that doesn't interrupt your living space. An innovative bottom rolling system eliminates the need for a low hung overhead beam. They can also be fitted with optional mid rails and multi-point locking systems for ultimate security. Our door frames use a strong, durable frame and a wide range of supported hardware.

Viridian Glass, Australia's leading glass manufacturer, supply our glass systems. We can fit your bi-fold doors with single, double or thermal glazing, depending on your climate needs and the exposure of your doors to the elements. We can also increase your security and privacy through anti-graffiti film, tinted, frosted or patterned glass treatments to suit your style.

548 High Performance Bi-fold Door
730 Thermally Broken Bi-fold Door

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