How do I get a quote?

The best way to get a fast and accurate quote is to send us a message, including information on the product you need, measurements (preferable if you have them), and any photographs you have of the area or opening. We will then give you a call with a quote and a timeframe for the job.

Can you install the windows and doors?

Yes, we can supply and install the windows and doors for you. Start by contacting us and we can give you a quote for both supply and installation.

I am a builder, can you supply the products for me to install?

Of course. When asking for a quote, please specify that you want supply only.

Do you make custom sized and shaped windows and doors?

Yes we sure can. We specialise in create custom made windows and doors to suit your space. Take a look at our Custom Projects for more information.

What types of glass do you have?

We use energy efficient safety glass from Viridian Glass, Australia’s most trusted glass supplier. We use safety glass as a standard, meaning our glass windows and doors are stronger and more secure than standard single glazing. Depending on your location, budget and building requirements, we can supply single, double or thermal glazing for your windows and doors. This ensures you get the most cost effective and energy efficient solution for you.

Can I see the Southside products in a showroom?

Yes you can. Our Sydney showroom is located at 7/35 Norman Street, Peakhurst, in southern Sydney. Our showroom is open 9:00am - 5:00pm weekdays [Monday - Friday] and is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

How energy efficient are your windows and doors?

We use Low “E” Smart glass, made by Viridian, an Australian glass manufacturer. This smart glass ranges in thickness from 4mm to 10.5mm to provide the most energy efficient solution, depending on your climate and the orientation of the window. The glass is visibly clear, allowing natural light to stream into the room, while the reflective coating on the outside reflects heat and UV rays away, saving energy.

Our double and thermal glazing provide even greater energy efficiency. To learn more look at our energy efficiency page.

How safe are your security screens and doors?

Our security windows and doors are supplied by Invisi-gard, one of Australia’s most well known and trusted security screen suppliers. Our security screens are made using 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and extremely safe. Find out more information on our Security Screens and Security Doors pages.

Is your glass Bushfire Resistant?

Yes, if you live in a bushfire prone area, we can fit your windows and doors with our specially processed Viridian PyroGuard 40 glass. This glass unit is made up of two glass panels and a locked argon gas filled gap. The glass is then fitted with an ultra-thin coating that reduces the transfer of radiant heat through the glass. With heat radiation of up to 40kW/m2, less than 4% of the radiant heat will pass through the glass, protecting the inside of your home. To find out more, get in touch with us.

What size windows and doors do you supply?

We can custom build any size window or door that you need. Provide us with the measurements of the existing window or door frame, or the opening you have, and we’ll supply the correct product.

Do you make toughened and security glass?

Of course. In fact we only use Viridian safety glass in our windows and doors, not standard laminate. This means that all of our products are stronger and more secure than market standards, making your home or business safer from adverse weather and accidents.

How soundproof is your glass?

At Southside Aluminium Windows we can build your windows to suit your location and lifestyle. If you live in a busy inner city apartment block or your home is on an arterial road, or beside a busy local park, we have soundproof glass options to keep your home in peace. Viridian VLam Hush is an effective noise reduction laminate that uses a thin insulation layer, reducing noise with just a thin, light sheet of glass, no thicker than our regular safety glass.

For an even better acoustic performance glass, our Viridian ComfortHush is available. Made in either 6.5mm, 6.8mm and 10.5mm Grade A laminate safety glass, ComfortHush uses a uniquely design three layer system to block out noise. Fitted with a Low E coating, this glass is also highly energy efficient, improving year round comfort inside your home.

Are your products covered with a warranty?

All of our products come with an Australian Window Association warranty and compliance certificate. Each of our products, depending on the type of glass and finish, may have a different warranty. For warranty information, on the AWS Vantage and Elevate range, click here. For warranty information on Viridian glass, click here.

Can I get spare parts for Southside's aluminium windows?

Yes you can. Because all of our windows and doors are locally Australian made, getting spare parts is a fairly quick and easy process, much easier than sourcing parts for a window or door made overseas. If you need any spare parts including rollers, sash balances, winders, casement handles, locks, just communicate with us.

What colour aluminium can I get for my windows and doors?

We can make your windows and doors in a huge range of colours, meaning we can match to your existing fixtures or install new products to suit your home or business aesthetic. We use both Dulux and Universal Anodisers for our products, so you can take a look at their colour palettes on their websites. For Dulux, click here, and for Universal Anodisers, click here.

Custom aluminium windows and doors!