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Custom Glass Solutions

What does your dream window or door look like? Let us know, and we'll create it for you. We understand that standard window and door frames don't always fit in your space. Which is why we can make the frame in the size  and style you need. All created at our Sydney factory using durable AWS Vantage® and Elevate™ aluminium framing and Viridian glass, our custom solutions exceed expectations of quality and design. For more product information visit our FAQS page.

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Custom Commercial Solutions

What does your commercial space look like? Is it a small corner store space with a unique shopfront window? Is it a warehouse office space with larger than usual windows? Whatever your space looks like, we can create custom glass windows and doors to suit. 

  • Large fixed shopfront windows
  • Unique office windows
  • Energy efficiency with single, double or thermal glazing
  • Frosted, tinted and anti-graffiti glass film to protect your business

Custom Residential Windows and Doors

Custom glass doors and windows mean your possibilities are endless. Instead of having to choose from a select number of window and door designs, imagine your perfect window or door, and we'll build it for you.

  • Residential extensions or large commercial spaces
  • Unique frameless shower screens and balustrades
  • Large, industrial sized fixed windows
  • Quality AWS Vantage® aluminium frames and Viridian glass
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Do you need other products too?

Whether you are refitting your home or commercial building, or constructing a new build, we have a wide range of ready-made durable aluminium windows and doors, security screens and doors, as well as shower screens, mirrors and glass panelling for your balcony, pool fence and indoor safety rails. Our wide range of styles, colours, and glass options, including tinted and anti-graffiti film, mean you can use Southside Aluminium Windows as your one stop shop for all of your glass needs

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What glass will fit your custom design?

Custom glass solutions mean you can choose the right glass to suit your window, door, shower screen or glass paneling. Depending on the durability requirements, climate, and other factors such as privacy and possibility of graffiti, we have the glass product to suit you.

Whatever your glazing needs? We've got an option to suit.

High quality commercial and residential frame

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At Doberman Windows and Doors we work with Australian made and manufactured AWS Vantage® and Elevate™ aluminium framing systems, to provide windows and doors of the highest standard to our commercial and residential customers.

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